Anthony Giovanni Blaise Grandinetti (born August 5th, 1999), better know as John Anthony, or The Villain, is an American independent rapper, songwriter and record producer from Dallas, Pennsylvania.

In 2019, he founded his own recorded label, Villainous Records, which is the recording, promotional and distribution label for himself. Over his career so far, John Anthony has made 15 total mixtapes and albums. He debuted early in 2012 under the stage name 1 Dolla and released his first mixtape the 1 Dolla EP. He would continue a year later under a new identity Exstazic as he would release two mixtapes Homecoming EP in 2013 and Live Evil EP in 2014. In 2016, he finally changed his name to John Anthony and would release Double Standards EP. All four projects were ultimately scrapped upon weeks and months of release. John would then release 7 studio albums & EP’s under his new label, along with 3 mixtapes. Re-releasing the Four Forty Four EP, which was originally released in 2018, and The Therapy LP, along with the Villainology, Vol.1 mixtape in 2019. The Therapy LP (Deluxe) in 2020 and 5 other projects Ride or Die, The Bad Guy Chronicles, Unexplored, Stereo EP and Villainology, Vol. 2 all released in 2020. The following year, John Anthony released only one studio album Words Are Weapons, along with Words Are Weapons (Deluxe Edition), however, did release his third mixtape under Villainous Records with Villainology, Vol.3. Finally, to kick off the 2022 new year, John Anthony released Villaination! on February 11th, marking his 8th studio album/EP under Villainous Records (not counting Villainology mixtapes) and his 15th total project of his career.


Anthony Grandinetti was born on August 5th, 1999 in Dallas, Pennsylvania and was raised as an only child. He attended catholic schools throughout his whole childhood and graduated at Holy Redeemer High School. After, he attended Luzerne County Community College for two and a half years before dropping out. Currently, he moved to Winter Park, Florida, near Orlando, where he attends Full Sail University. His love for hip hop started when he was eleven years old and first heard rapper Andre 3000 and Big Boi from OutKast on the radio. He started rapping a year later at the age of twelve after being inspired when he received a copy of Get Rich or Die Tryin', an album by 50 Cent. The album helped shape John Anthony’s early career as it’s said, 50 Cent was the reason Anthony pursued a career is rap. He spent years releasing music under various stage names and took his hobby more serious in 2016 when he stuck with the name John Anthony.


Starting out early with his own music, John Anthony would record mixtapes yearly and make CD copies to sell to his friends at school. His debut EP was under the stage name 1 Dolla. The mixtape released on October 30th, 2012 and featured six tracks. He recorded the EP with no microphone or music software. Instead, he used an old iPod where he would record both the beat and his vocals on an recording app. The production wasn't well put, obviously, leaving about 10 copies made but none were ever reported sold. However, one particular song from the album showed a rap group featuring Anthony and four of his friends release a track entitled Ready For War. The song got Anthony and the rest of the group suspended from middle school when his principle ended up hearing it. The song was available online via YouTube and SoundCloud but quickly removed weeks later after their suspension. John Anthony would use Rap Rivals, a hip hop app that showcased artists from around the world release their music with head-to-head rap battles. This app would help enhance his career and gain confidence in releasing music publicly over the next few years. A year later, John released another album under a different name called Exstazic. The album was released on July 29th, 2013 and was entitled Homecoming EP, featuring eight tracks. There was roughly around 20 copies made and estimated only 6 mixtapes sold. This album was also ultimately scrapped 2 months later after suffering the same results as his first mixtape. Another year later, John followed up on another project called Live Evil EP, also featuring eight new tracks. Similar to his first two mixtapes, the EP failed to gain any attention. Once again, around 20 copies were made but only a handful were sold, leaving this album to get scrapped weeks later as well. To this day, all three mixtapes are removed and were never released officially into stores or major streaming services.

After the commercial failure to gain any attention with the release of his first three mixtapes, John Anthony quit making music for a brief time. A year later during the summer of 2015, Anthony got motivated and inspired to return back to music after his friend showed him a couple songs off Under Pressure, an album by Logic. Discovering Logic helped Anthony not only get back to writing, but start learning the craft of hip hop by going back in time and listening to strictly classic hip hop. Music such as rapper LL Cool J’s 1985 Radio album and 1994’s Illmatic album by rapper Nas were just a few albums that helped motivate John back into the game. He spent the rest of 2015 studying the art of hip hip from it’s origins and learning different flows, writing-patterns and sounds that he can transport to his style, in helps on improving areas of his music. John restructured his career yet again after finally settling on the name John Anthony in 2016. The name take his middle name, Giovanni, which is Italian for John, and his first name as his last. That same year, he released Moving Fast as the first single off of his upcoming fourth mixtape project Double Standards EP. It featured seven tracks and was recorded and distributed locally by Pyramid Records in Scranton, PA. It did gain better attention upon it's release on March 26th. Improving in streams from his first three projects, giving a couple hundred views on SoundCloud and YouTube. However, it never really seems to steer in the right direction as it failed with only approximately 9 copies sold out of 25 made. The production of the album was subpar, leading to a back and forth dispute between Anthony and Pyramid Records, which ultimately had the EP taken down from streaming services. He spent the next year continuing to improve, not only his writing and sound, but also his production as he started buying his own professional recording equipment. In the summer of 2016, he formed his own in-home studio label called RYG Records and installed FL Studios (known as FruityLoops at the time) on his computer.

With now owning professional equipment, overtime, he not only worked on his own music but also helped out other artist, whom he was friends with at the time. In 2017, John helped record and edited Lil Cyko (real name Jayson Williams) music, a former friend of Anthony’s. In return, John would join Jayson’s small rap battle tournament called The Bunker that was held in his friends basement in Scranton, PA. The tournament held around ten or more local talents and they would freestyle, battle rap, and preform on weekends during the winter. John would join every few weeks and would participate in a couple rap battles before concluding his time attending after realizing it wasn’t being taking serious. He eventually stopped working with Jayson on his porjects and continued back working on his own music. In 2018, John recorded a freestyle called Hell on Earth (Freestyle), a remix track by hip hop duo Mobb Deep. It was released in the spring before being scrapped three months later. The song was released on March 4th, 2018 on YouTube and SoundCloud but failed to gain any attention upon release and was eventually taken down a few months later. Besides the lack of notability on the track, John was also dealing with personal issues at this time, which was a reasoning to the tracks downfall. In November of 2018, he had planned to drop what would have been his fifth mixtape. He was set to release The Therapy EP featuring six tracks until he backed out and put the release on hold.

On July 21st, 2019, John ended up re-releasing the Hell on Earth (Freestyle) under his newly created Villainous Records label. The label would be the promotional and distribution label for John's music. Over 60% of the lyrics to Hell on Earth (Freestyle) were changed. More lyrics were added to the new freestyle, which ended up gaining some attention that the previous 2018 release failed at. The track's re-release shown off the skills of John's writing and creativity. From his lyrical penmanship to subliminal disses and puns, this gained both positive and negative feedback. A few artists and producers gave their takes on the track. People such as DJ and Producer Louis Flores, better know as Breakbeat Lou, Hip Hop artist and member of rap group D12; Bizarre and Tommy Coster who is a 2X Grammy winner and co-songwritter for The Slim Shady LP. Those are just a few names who gave their feedback on the track. John would then re-release an older three-track EP in 2019 on streaming services entitled Four Forty Four EP, which originally dropped on March 4th, 2018 and featured the newly published Hell on Earth (Freestyle) and two others. Upon release in 2019, many people compared John's flow and sound to a young Slim Shady. A few months later, he would go on to release two new singles before finally releasing The Therapy LP on October 30th, 2019. Unlike the EP that was set to release in November of 2018, the LP was to feature more tracks and had fixed up the production mistakes and lyrics. Both My Brain and In My Dreams were late adds to the album. Since the older John Anthony mixtapes over the years prior were scrapped, John would consider this to be his new debut album under his new record label Villainous Records, with the exception of the Four Forty Four demo that was an EP even thought it was released few month before. Even with only around 15 copies sold since it's release, the ten tracks off the album did reach just under 10,000 total streams on SoundCloud, which was a big improvement and made John not scrap the album, again. A month later, John Anthony dropped Backstab, which was a diss track against Lil Cyko. Three months from it's original release, the album re-released as a deluxe edition, featuring ten more unreleased tracks, twenty in total. It's now up to over 16,000 total streams today on SoundCloud and the deluxe album doubled in copies sold. At the end of the year, John Anthony released his first mixtape under Villainous Records. Villainology, Vol. 1 is the debut mixtape of the Villainology Series, featuring six unreleased tracks by John Anthony. This mixtape assembles scrapped music from late 2019, specifically from albums such as The Therapy LP.

John Anthony quietly built off the releasing momentum, as he would released his forth project under Villainous Records called the Ride or Die, featuring eight tracks. The project was an album dedicated to a former friend at the time. Only two copies were ever made, one given to his friend that he made the album for and the other John kept for himself. The album wasn't really promoted as it was more looked at as a gift to his friend. It did, however, reach over 2,000 total streams on SoundCloud, with the more popular track off the EP being a remix to Michael Jackson's hit 1979 song Rock With You. Overtime, John was releasing more music and changing up his style a lot. For some time, John's music was viewed more as conscious hip hop. He would end up releasing new music with a more mainstream, trap-like style with singles like Run It Back and Slaughter Day, both released earlier in 2020. Nothing compared, however, to the unexpected release of John's summer hit single Ballin, which was released on May 29th, 2020. For the first time, it was available on all streamers worldwide and became an immediate success and fan favorite. It's hard bass, trap-style sound really fit in perfectly with today's style of music. The track itself reach over 1,000+ streams on Spotify within a few weeks which was the highest Anthony ever achieved with a song. June 26th, 2020 marked the release date of John's second studio album The Bad Guy Chronicles, an album featuring twenty tracks and a two sided genre of hip hop music with both styles of rap, ranging in boom bap/alternative and trap/alternative. The album was heavily promoted and was gave a much more edgier and aggressive aspect from John, something that we really haven't heard. The album received tons of views by both fans, producers, journalists, A&R reps and even other rappers. Upon these views, it quickly became a battering piece as people would ridicule and downgrade the album due to it's lyrical content and sound. It was labeled at times by many as homophopbic, misogynistic and sexist in some cases.

It captured the attention of certain smaller records labels but ultimately would be turned down not more because it was too much compared to an earlier 2000's Eminem, which hurt the outcome or any chance of a label's interest. John Anthony paired up with Chaos Music Distribution in July 2020 to help distribute and promote his music. He paired with Level Music Distribution a few before which has helped to get his music on big music platforms. The album sold less in copies, of around 15-20 CD's in first month, but sold more in streams.

Dealing with the backlash in comparisons and lyrics, John decided to unexpectedly release his third main studio album (his fifth project under Villainous and tenth overall project) called Unexplored, which released on Aug 7th, 2020. The album released a month later from the release of The Bad Guy Chronicles and didn't have any promoting upon it's release. The twelve track album reportedly released that soon for the simple reason to cover up the vulgar tracks of The Bad Guy Chronicles so producers, fans and A&R's could hear something new. The album featured a wide range of different styles of hip hop. From trap, boom-bap, alternative and conscious hip hop. One of the more popular tracks off Unexplored was the track 33 Ways, which shows John Anthony rap 257 words in 36 seconds. A grand total of 375 syllables. The album also reached over 1,000+ streams within the first few weeks of release. A month later, John Anthony released Sincerely Yours (Freestyle). The single was a freestyle featuring a switch-up of five different beats and samples extended for nearly eight minutes. All five beats were produced by rapper Logic and were available for download for any independent artists to use. The track was written, recorded and mastered within 24 hours and released on major streaming services on September 17th, 2020. Nearing the end of the 2020 year, John Anthony would release his final project Stereo EP. The project celebrated the 35th anniversary of rapper LL Cool J's 1985 timeless classic Radio. The EP features 5 throwback-style hip hop tracks including Stereo, a song in which he tributes I Can't Live Without My Radio off LL Cool J's album. The Stereo EP is originally was not officially available on any online music stores for the first week due to late November release but now is available on all platforms. To end the year, John Anthony would release another mixtape; Villainology, Vol. 2. Volume 2 of Villainology is the second mixtape of the Villainology Series, featuring nine unreleased tracks by John Anthony. This mixtape assembles scrapped music from 2020, specifically from albums such as The Bad Guy Chronicles and Unexplored.

Entering into the 2021 year, John Anthony kicked off the year with an impressive thirteen and a half minute-long freestyle cypher entitled 400 Bar (Freestyle). The song features John rapping over seventeen different classic hip hop instrumentals. The freestyle started the road to John Anthony’s next album: Words Are Weapons. Before announcing his new yearly project, John dropped his first single off the album, That Boy Different which was released on March 5th and gained strong reviews. The track was heavily compared positively to John Anthony’s 2020 summer banger Ballin. Shortly after, John Anthony release his 7th project under Villainous Records and 11th career project Words Are Weapons and Words Are Weapons (Deluxe Edition). The album later received a commemorative gold plaque for achieving over 10,000+ worldwide streams in it’s first two-weeks. Later in the year, John would release My Life, which is a sampled-remix to Bon Jovi’s early 2000’s hit song “It’s My Life”, which features Bon Jovi in the hook. Produced by John himself, the song has turned out to be one of John Anthony’s more successful songs, as it has over 25,000+ streams on all platforms. Ending the year, John Anthony released his annual yearly Villainology mixtapes. Villainology, Vol. 3 is the third mixtape of the Villainology Series, under Villainous Records. It features fourteen unreleased tracks and remixes by John Anthony. This mixtape assembles scrapped music from 2021, specifically from the albums Words Are Weapons and unreleased album The Ritual. This would end the 2020 year with a total of 6 projects released by John Anthony.

As of the 2022 new year, John Anthony is set to release his latest album, Villaination!, on February 11th. The album embarks on his 8th studio album, or 11th project, under Villainous Record since 2019 and his 15th career project since 2012. The artwork for Villaination! was inspired by and pays homage to Kurupt’s debut album Kuruption! from 1998.


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