Villainous Records was created by John Anthony on March 11th, 2019. The idea was to create a small self-centered label for Anthony to produce his music and have a way of distributing it through a brand. Villainous was one of many different established names thought of. Originally back in 2013, John Anthony edited his own music on his laptop using cheap recording software and a iRig microphone. He used his own label name called Flo Money Records to release his mixtapes through. This was scrapped initially a few years into his career along with his earlier mixtapes. When he returned back to hip in 2016, he worked around with a couple other names and came up with RYG Records as the new distribution of his music. The name only held through two mixtapes up until 2019. Villainous Records became the new name of John's labels and debuted with the re-release of the Four Forty Four EP and has been the label for every other John Anthony album and EP to date. The name Villainous was inspired when Anthony was reading a comic book and stumbled across the word. The word came to life as he felt it perfectly fit along with what he believes people label him as, a villain. As of today, Villainous Records has signed 2 new music talents to it’s roster to accompany John Anthony. Rapper and songwriter J Mont has signed with the label, along with Producer Alex Murphy and Producer Robin Tabacca, who is currently in the works with Villainous Records.

Villainous Records is also partnered with Chaos Music Distribution. They support as the grounding aspect with distributions, marketing, promotion, etc. for all things Villainous Records. Villainous Records is set up in the basement of John Anthony’s home in Dallas, PA as over the past few years, he has saved his money and purchased key elements to start his in-home business studio.